For the past 17 years Active Power Steering has been the leader in quality remanufactured steering gears, supplying to distributors Australia wide. Our environmentally resourceful company uses an expert team of highly qualified staff to rebuild steering units and restore them, in order to match and even exceed the quality of their original manufacturers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) requirements.

We recondition all components from every steering unit abiding by their individual OEM specifications, ensuring that they become a durable, safe and long lasting unit.

Once each product is completed it must undergo rigorous testing to ensure common problems such as leakage, incorrect pressure between chambers, bias and elimination of light or heavy are entirely eliminated before being sent to the distributor. With such a dedication to high standards, we are confident in our unbeatable 18month or 30,000 km guarantee for all our rebuilt power steering units.

The large volume of components that we are constantly reconditioning ensures that we stock a large variety of steering units from a vast selection of motor vehicles, from luxury vehicles to 4WD models.